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What we do on the Web changes every day. The web development industry is constantly evolving. While we may not be able to tell the day-to-day changes while it's happening, it's easy for us to look back to the past few months and see that a lot of things we do now are much different than what we've been doing before.
Because our work lies in one of the fastest-paced industries, it's important for us to predict and learn about what's coming up or risk being left in the web development dust.

While this may sound daunting at first, it's actually pretty easy to see where we'll be in the next several months/years to come. Just as fast as Web 2.0 came, Web 3.0 began developing. There are varying definitions of what phase three of the web will be, but the majority of the theories focus around a user-centric approach. Things like i Google, "the portable web" (mobile, i Pad, etc.), pick & choose content, smarter user interfaces, etc. are all coming about under the new definition of 3.0.
Web 2.0, in contrast, was more focused around providing the user with content. A large pool of floating content such as blogs, better search engines, smart SEO, all made up Web 2.0. As from a design perspective, Web 2.0consisted of clean and sleek designs that focused around providing content to the user in a more efficient way.


  • Certification of Participation for Every Students.
  • Certicate for Workshop Quiz Winners.
  • Certification for Co-Ordicators.
  • Ethical Hacking Software Toolkit.
  • Booklet on Different Concepts of Web Development.
  • Software Tools For Practical Sessions.
  • Chance to Work With Cryptus on a Web Development Projects for First of Ten Winners.
  • Complimentary Special Appreciation Certificate for Top Ten Winners.
  • Complimentary 50% off on Cryptus Official Trainings.

Web Development - Course Modules:

Module1:Tech Check and Hello
Module2:Your Coding Toolbox: The Browser and Sublime Text 2/3
Module3:The Basic of the Web : It's more than just Tubes
Module4:HTML - What is Markup, Why do we have it, and the DOM
Module5:HTML- Semantic markup and Maintainable HTML
Module6:Lunch and Discussing HTML and MArkup
Module7:CSS What is CSS, or how to put lipstick on your HTML
Module8:JavaScript Intro to Programming
Module9:JavaScript Flow of logic, control structures, and conditionals
Module10:JavaScript Loops and exercises
Module11:Tech Check and Hello
Module12:jQuery and the DOM
Module13:The Command Line: The Bare Essentials
Module14:Node.js running the most basic app
Module15:Lunch and discussing client vs server development
Module16:Node.js npm, Express, and making serverside code easier
Module17:Node.js Building modular apps
Module18:Building our first node.js app: Twitter

WorkShop Plan

WorkShop Training Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track
Duration 02 - 03 Days
Hours 8 hours a day
WorkShop Quiz Competetion In the last of the Course

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