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This workshop on Embedded Robotics is an exhaustive hands on training program on Embedded Systems designed to meet the industry needs and provide students with placements. This course would provide the participants knowledge and experience on the fast growing field of Robotics.
Robotics is a field that covers almost all the spheres of technology, whether it is Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Programming, Designing Techniques or any other technical skills based on respective applications. . As this field is leading to introduce a creative era of innovation around us, the basic motto of our team is to initiate the spark of robotics to a higher extent. These projects focus on the application and use of technology rather than their internal working so that a person can grasp the concepts well.

They will get a chance to expand their knowledge in interfacing external advance peripherals like Matrix Keypad, LCD Display, Seven Segment Display and their application in real time projects. The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days with eight hours session each day, in a total of sixteen hours properly divided into theory and hand on practical sessions. At the end of this workshop a competition will be organized among the participating students where each participating student will get Certificate of Participation and the Winners will get Certificate of Merit.


  • Certification of Participation for Every Students.
  • Certicate for Workshop Quiz Winners.
  • Certification for Co-Ordicators.
  • Robotics Development Software Toolkit.
  • Booklet on Different Concepts of Robotics Development.
  • Software Tools For Practical Sessions.
  • Chance to Work With Cryptus on a Robotics Development Projects for First of Ten Winners.
  • Complimentary Special Appreciation Certificate for Top Ten Winners.
  • Complimentary 50% off on Cryptus Official Trainings.

Robotics Workshop - Course Modules:

Module1:Introduction to Embedded System and Robotics
Module2: Application and Future Scope
Module3: Micro - Controllers and its features
Module4: Atmega 16 and its features
Module5: I/O Ports and Working (Hands on)
Module6: How to Glow LED , Sound on Board
Module7: LCD Display
Module8: Interface LCD with a micro controller
Module9: Display Name on LCD. (Hands - On)
Module10: Display on LCD through the Keyboard.(Hands - On)
Module11: Making a Digital Clock or Counter (Hands - On)
Module12: Communicate with PC or Laptop (Hands - On)
Module13: Display Text on PC using the Embedded Board(Hands - On)
Module14: Control LED with the help of PC.(Hands - On)
Module15: ADC
Module16: Display ADC values on PC and LCD (Hands - On)
Module17: Control LED Brightness using LCD(Hands - On)
Module18: Joystick and Reading value of Digital Joystick(Hands - On)
Module19: Creating a mouse pointer on HyperTerminal and use by Joystick
Module20: Create a Snake Game, and Others and play using the joystick on board.(Hands On)
Module21: Play multiplayer game using the two boards(Hands On)

WorkShop Plan

WorkShop Training Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track
Duration 02 - 03 Days
Hours 8 hours a day
WorkShop Quiz Competetion In the last of the Course

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