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At Cryptus Cyber Security we offer the Best DATA STRUCTURES training in Delhi-NCR that is fully based on present industry trends and standards that prepare attendees to get quick jobs at different Companies. CRYPTUS has earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable and trusted training institute in Delhi NCR. Our DATA STRUCTURES Training Program bringing the participants a hands-on practical skill and the necessary job support right from the basics to the advanced Level.

At the institute, each and every module of DATA STRUCTURES course has been structured by the well-known specialists within the industry and corporate professionals with more than 4+ years of experience in conducting real-time projects and training. Cryptus Cyber Security represents a combination of educational learning and convenient sessions to give the students ideal presentation that guides them well in their renovation from newbie learners into proven professionals.

Our DATA STRUCTURES training has been planned according to current industry patterns and remembering the propelled DATA STRUCTURES course material and syllabus taking into account the expert level requirements of the students, helping them to get position in different organizations and complete their objectives and Goals.

Benefits of Courses

  • Learning Data Structures will make you a software engineer and if you have no knowledge and depth of Data Structures, you’ll be a developer. Similar to a mechanic who can fit pipes well but doesn't know the internal mechanism or the science behind it.
  • Data structures provide you with the capacity to use and process your data on a software system. For instance, if you wished to log your work hours and produce a report, you could do so on a computer through an automated process. This process would make wide use of data structures.

DATA STRUCTURES - Course Modules:

Module1: Introduction To Data Structures.
Module2: Operations On Arrays (Insertion, Deletion, Traversing).
Module3: Linear Search.
Module4: Binary Search.
Module5: Selection Sort.
Module6: Bubble Sort.
Module7: Insertion Sort.
Module8: Introduction To Stacks.
Module9: Operation On Stacks (PUSH, POP, Transverse).
Module10:Introduction To Queues.
Module11: Simple Queue.
Module12: Operations On Simple Queue (Insertion, Deletion, Traversing).
Module13: Circular Queue.
Module14: Operations On Circular Queue (Insertion, Deletion, Traversing).
Module15: Double Ended Queues.
Module16: Operations On Double Ended Queues (Insertion, Deletion, Traversing).
Module17: Introduction To Linked Lists.
Module18: Singly Linked List.
Module19: Operations On Singly Linked List (Insertion, Deletion, Traversing).
Module20: Doubly Linked List.
Module21: Operations On Doubly Linked List (Insertion, Deletion, Traversing).
Module22: Circular Linked List.
Module23: Operations On Circular Linked List (Insertion, Deletion, Traversing).
Module24: Stacks Using Linked Lists.>
Module25: Queues Using Linked Lists.
Module26: Trees.
Module27: Graphs.

Training Plan

DATA STRUCTURES Training Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend (Sat & Sun)
Duration 40 - 45 Days 8 Weekends
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day
DATA STRUCTURES Exam In the last of the Course In the Last of the course


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