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Network Application Penetration Testing - NAPT


Best Network Penetration Testing Course

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Upgrade your professional skills with Cryptus's Advanced Network Penetration Testing Course in Delhi, India. Flexible learning, practical projects, expert mentors. Start your journey to success today! Enroll now

Advanced Network Penetration Testing Course

Welcome to, your gateway to mastering the art of Network Penetration Testing (NPT). Our comprehensive course is meticulously crafted to empower you with the latest techniques and expertise required to excel in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, our Advanced NPT Course will equip you with the skills needed to thrive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

At, we're committed to providing you with a transformative learning experience that goes beyond theory. Our hands-on approach ensures that you gain practical insights and real-world experience, enabling you to confidently assess and secure networks against potential cyber threats.

Join us on this exciting journey as we delve deep into the world of Network Penetration Testing. Get ready to unlock your full potential and become a sought-after NPT expert in the ever-growing cybersecurity industry.

Why Cryptus Best Network Penetration Testing Course Institute

Cryptus Cyber Security is not just another educational platform. It is a beacon for aspiring cybersecurity professionals who want to gain cutting-edge skills in the world of network security. Here are a few reasons why stands out:

Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Our Network Penetration Testing (NPT) course is meticulously curated to align with the latest advancements and challenges in cybersecurity. From understanding network architecture to mastering penetration testing methodologies, you will gain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in assessing and securing networks against emerging cyber threats.

Expert Instructors: Learn from industry experts who bring years of practical experience in network security and penetration testing. Our instructors are seasoned professionals with a proven track record in the cybersecurity domain, offering invaluable insights, real-world case studies, and practical guidance to enhance your learning journey.

Flexible Learning Options: We recognize that our students have diverse schedules and commitments. Therefore, we provide flexible learning options, including full-time and part-time courses, to accommodate your individual needs. Whether you prefer an immersive learning experience or a more flexible approach, we have the right option for you.

Certification: Upon successful completion of the NPT course, you will be awarded a certificate from, a recognized credential by industry leaders and employers in the cybersecurity field. This certification will validate your expertise in network penetration testing and enhance your professional credentials, opening doors to exciting career opportunities in cybersecurity.

Who Should Enroll in Our Network Penetration Testing Course?

Cryptus NPT course is ideal for:

  • Cybersecurity professionals seeking to upgrade their skills in network security.
  • Network administrators aiming to fortify their networks against cyber threats.
  • Ethical hackers interested in mastering penetration testing techniques for networks.
  • IT professionals eager to specialize in network security assessment and remediation.

What you'll learn

  • Advanced methodologies for assessing the security of networks.
  • Hands-on experience in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities specific to network infrastructure.
  • Best practices for securing networks against a variety of cyber attacks.
  • Real-world case studies and practical insights into network penetration testing.

Certification and Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Certification in Network Penetration Testing, recognized across the industry. This certification will pave the way for various career opportunities, including:

  • Network Security Analyst
  • Penetration Testing Consultant specializing in network infrastructure
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Ethical Hacker focusing on network security assessments
  • Cybersecurity Consultant for network security firms

Who Should Enroll?

This course is perfect for:

  • Cybersecurity professionals looking to specialize in network security.
  • Network administrators seeking to enhance their security skills.
  • Ethical hackers interested in exploring network penetration testing.
  • IT professionals aiming to transition into the field of network security assessment.

Network Penetration Training Program Overview

Our Advanced NPT Course is designed to take you from the basics through to advanced strategies across various channels. Here’s what you can expect:

Network Application Penetration Training Program Overview

Our Advanced NAPT Course is designed to take you from the basics through to advanced strategies across various channels. Here’s what you can expect:

Network Application Penetration Module

Module 1: Introduction to Network Pentesting
Module 2: Network Pentesting Lab Setup
Module 3: Analyzing Network Traffic
Module 4: Network Scanning & Host Discovery
Module 5: Metasploit=Framework Hands-On
Module 6: Password Attacks
Module 7: Ftp Penetration Testing
Module 8: SSH Penetration testing
Module 9: Telnet Penetration Testing
Module 10: NetBios & SMB Penetration Testing
Module 11: MySQL Penetration Testing
Module 12: RDP Penetration Testing
Module 13: VNC Penetration testing
Module 14: Credential Dumping
Module 15: DOS Attacks Penetration testing
Module 16: Sniffing & Spoofing
Module 17: Gaining & Mainttaing Access
Module 18: Firewall
Module 19: IDS/IPS
Module 20: HoneyPots
Module 21: Network Vulnerability Assessment Too;

  • Duration: 1 month

  • Type: Certificate

  • Training Type: Classroom , Online

  • Language: English , Hindi

  • Class Duration: 2 Hours / Day

  • Trainer Profile: Click Here

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