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Jobs are exploding in digital and Internet marketing. Our innovative new digital, Internet marketing diploma training course will get you ready to enter the field or advance your current career with new skills and live project-based experience. Now to Earn a powerful Diploma training for today’s rapidly growing Internet and digital marketing industry. Contact us.

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Jan 15th, 2020


Digital Marketing

Learning Time

30 Hours Online



Cryptus Digital Marketing Diploma Course

To work in digital and internet marketing, you have to exceptional digital skills, where digital channels search engine, social media, website mobile apps, and video publication apps and sites are the most powerful ways to reach your dream products or business and get great traffic with the high conversion rate. There are few trendy and hotter fields than the internet and digital marketing. The high and growing demand for digital marketing professionals is growing rapidly with many jobs expected to be available by the next digital generation and there are numerous routes you can go with this advanced cryptus digital marketing diploma and certification.

In our diploma and certification diploma in digital marketing and internet marketing, you will have the great opportunity to:

Acquire digital marketing and Internet marketing skills to advance your career in the exploding field of digital media in a wide range of organizations in both the private and non-profit sectors.

Gain live project-based experience, training and apply what you’ve learned in the classroom where you will work with an expert digital marketing team of students around the country to product and brand design, implement, and manage digital marketing paid and unpaid campaign for a real-life client.

Develop a range of digital ability, from research and high-quality content creation to assessment and social media and digital channel development and dive deeper into your target audience of expertise during experiential learning opportunities.


There's still time to enroll in our next term! Contact us to Become a Digital Marketing Expert Apply today and complete your digital marketing diploma course and 100% online. Develop deep digital marketing knowledge in driving the technology-enabled transformation of marketing with courses in both marketing and technology with crytpus cyber security.

Digital Marketing Modules

Module1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking+
Module2: Networking Basics & Web Applications+
Module3: Virtual Private Network+
Module4: Digital Foot printing+
Module5: Enumeration
Module6: Email Hacking and Social Engineering+
Module7: Google Hacking+
Module8: Sniffing
Module9: Network Scanning+
Module10: Network Hacking+
Module11: Wireless Hacking+
Module12: Web Application Hacking+
Module13: Analysis on Ransomwares and Prevention Approach
Module14: Error based sql Injection
Module15: SQL Injection+
Module16: Web Server hacking+
Module17: Virus, Worms And Trojans+
Module18: Password Cracking+
Module19: System Hacking+
Module20: Cryptography+
Module21: Buffer overflow
Module22: Metasploit Framework+
Module23: Firewall, IDS and Honeypots
Module24: Penetration Testing
Module25: Reverse Engineering+
Module26: Cryptocurrencies

Training Plan

CCEH Training Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend (Sat & Sun)
Duration 45 - 60 Days 12 Weekends
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day
CCEH Exam In the last of the Course In the Last of the course
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