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Course Outline

Lesson 1
  • Programming Language
  • Overview of Python, which version and why python
  • Getting Started: Downloading and Installing
  • Backus-Naur Form
  • Introduction to Web Crawler
  • Python Expressions, operators and expressions
  • Variables types and properties
  • Strings types(raw, Unicode), properties, methods, indexing, sequencing, slicing, finding string in strings, finding string in string with numbers
  • Extracting Links from a webpage
  • Quiz, questions and queries

Lesson 2
  • Procedure, defining function
  • Making Decision, Flow Control
  • Logical, Boolean Expressions
  • Loops (While loop), Break Statement
  • Factorial using while loop
  • Multiple assignment
  • Printing all links from a webpage

Lesson 3
  • Structured Data List
  • List properties, indexing, slicing
  • Strings are special kinds of lists
  • Nested Lists
  • Mutation (of strings and lists)
  • Aliasing
  • List Operations (append, plus, len, extent)
  • Loops (while loop) on lists
  • In operator, index operator
  • Union procedure for list
  • List.pop()
  • Collecting all url in a list
  • Crawling the web procedure

Lesson 4
  • Data Structure
  • Building index using list and performing lookup
  • Network, latency, bandwidth, traceroute and bit
  • Browser, Server, Protocol
    • Efficient Algorithms
    • Hash table concept (ord() and modulus operator)
    • Implementing a Hash Table
    • Hash Table Lookup
    • Introduction to Dictionary Data Type
    • Dictionary Operations
    • Using Dictionary in Index
    • Recursive Definitions
    • Base Case and recursive case
    • Factorial using Recursion
    • Palindromes
    • Fibonacci Numbers
    • Introduction to Ranking Web Pages (Page Rank)
  • Graphs Data Structure for Page Ranking
    • Building the Link Graph
    • Computing Page Rank
    • Best page Lookup
    • Queries and Re-discussion of
    • Strings
    • List
    • Dictionary
    • Introduction to Tuples, Sets, range, xrange

Lesson 5
  • Working with Files
  • Opening a text file
  • Reading a file
  • Writing to file
  • File Operations
  • Error and Exception handling
  • Dealing with errors
  • Modules
  • Importing Modules
  • Regular Expressions
  • Introduction to List Comprehensions
  • List Comprehension Operations

Lesson 6
  • List Comprehension Revised
  • Lambda Function
  • Generator expression
  • String formatting
  • OOP Programming
  • Defining Classes
  • Constructors
  • Instance methods and Instance data
  • Class methods and Class data
  • Inheritance

Lesson 7
  • Passing arguments to functions (*args, **kwargs)
  • Building a blog site
  • Introduction to HTML Elements
  • Building a simple blog site
  • Introduction to Web Designing and Flash by Team
    • Quiz and written Exam based on the course content
    • Programming questions & open session for students
  • Bringing all together. Final words. Certification.


This Course is the most comprehensive python online or classroom course on the internet. It aims to acquaint the student with all the dictionaries, the syntax and the functions of python in order to use python in Web applications for CGI programming, Reading and writing into databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, as a scripting language for other software like Autodesk Maya, in game development and also artificial Intelligence.


This is an introductory course, there are no prerequisites. But an interest in programming or knowledge of fundamentals of programming will be beneficial for this course.


  • Understanding of basics of Python Programming
  • Gaining knowledge of Virtual Environment, String and Statements
  • Hands on experience of Exception Handling , Comprehensions and Generators.
  • Live Project Based on Python

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