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Python is mainly stated as high-level, general-purpose Programming Language, which emphasizes Code readability. The syntax helps the programmers to express their concepts in few general "Lines of Code" when compared with other promising Languages, like Java or C++. Through our Courses, you can easily construct clear programs, on both large and small Scales. As the importance of Python programming Language is Gaining huge popularity, therefore; the need to understand and know the language is increasing among people. When you think about Python Training, you must look for a Cryptus expert help.

Course Benefits

  • Headstart With Python
  • Automate your work with Python
  • Clear basics of programming
  • Understanding exploits written in Python

PYTHON - Course Modules:

Module1: An Introduction to Python+
Module2: Python Basics +
Module3: Variables and Data Types +
Module4: Decisions Making a Loops +
Module5: Functions +
Module6: Modules and Packages +
Module7: Exception Handling +
Module8: Files and Directories +
Module9: Classes Objects +
Module10: Regular Expressions +
Module11: Socket Programming +
Module12: Project-Client Server Chatting Application

Pay now

Training Plan

Python Training Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend (Sat & Sun)
Duration 40 - 45 Days 8 Weekends
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day
Python Training Exam In the last of the Course In the Last of the course
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