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Summer/Winter Internship in Php

At Cryptus Cyber Security we offer the Best PHP training in Delhi-NCR that is fully based on present industry trends and standards that prepare attendees to get quick jobs at different Companies. CRYPTUS has earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable and trusted training institute in Delhi NCR. Our PHP Training Program bringing the participants a hands-on practical skill and the necessary job support right from the basics to the advanced Level.

At the institute, each and every module of PHP course has been structured by the well-known specialists within the industry and corporate professionals with more than 4+ years of experience in conducting real-time projects and training. Cryptus Cyber Security represents a combination of educational learning and convenient sessions to give the students ideal presentation that guides them well in their renovation from newbie learners into proven professionals.

Our PHP and MySQL training has been planned according to current industry patterns and remembering the propelled PHP course material and syllabus taking into account the expert level requirements of the students, helping them to get position in different organizations and complete their objectives and Goals.

Benefits of Courses

  • PHP is a free and open source language. You donít need to spend money for purchasing them. The installation process is easy. This is one of the main objective for which it is most choose by developers all across the IT world.
  • C, C+ and are complex programming languages, As Comparative PHP is very easy. It is user friendly programming language and even a person who is having technical knowledge will be able to understand it.
  • The best thing is that PHP has various kind of functions. Thus PHP platform based websites function extremely well working on all kinds of servers. It also working fine on different OS like Mac OS, Windows and Linux.
  • PHP based web applications are effective and attractive interface. The websites are easy to navigate & fast loading.
  • In the beginning of the course the basic about PHP is taught and helps the students get a brief idea. The theoretical part is also taught in practical. The advance course is meant improvement of skills. These focus on the latest development Technologies in PHP and Provide them a complete knowledge about its functionality.

PHP - Course Modules:

Module1: What is PHP?
Module2: How PHP Works?
Module3: How to Create PHP File?
Module4: Basic PHP Syntax
Module5: PHP Statements and Whitespace
Module6: How to Use Comments in PHP?
Module7: What Are PHP Functions?
Module8: Data Types in PHP
Module9: What are Variables in PHP?
Module10: What are Constants in PHP?
Module11: PHP Operators?
Module12: Creating Dynamic Pages
Module13: Single Quotes vs. Double Quotes
Module14: If else Conditions in PHP?
Module15: What are Loops in PHP?
Module16: Types of Loops?
Module17: What are Arrays in PHP?
Module18: How to Including Files?
Module19: How to create register process in php?
Module20: How to create login process in PHP?
Module21: How to get data from forms via emails?
Module22: How to create subscription method in PHP?
Module23: URL rewriting
Module24: How to create select query in PHP?
Module25: How to create insert query in php?
Module26: How to display data in PHP?
Module27: How to Create Search Box in PHP?
Module28: How to create factorization in PHP?
Module29: How to display images in php?
Module30: How to display data in loop?
Module31: How to run sliders in PHP?
Module32: How to create fully dynamic website?
Module33: How to create payment gateway?
Module34: Knowledge Resources?

MY SQL - Course Modules:

Module1: MySql Methods and Properties
Module2: Inserting and Updating Records
Module3: MySql Prepared Statements
Module4: Authentication with PHP and MYSQL
Module5: A Database-less Login Form
Module6: Session Control and Cookies
Module7: Sessions
Module8: Session Functions
Module9: Cookies
Module10: JavaScript language fundamentals
Module11: mail
Module12: PHP Mailer
Module13: File System Management
Module14: Reading from a File
Module15: Writing to a File
Module16: File Locking
Module17: Uploading Files via an HTML Form
Module18: Getting File Information
Module19: More File Functions
Module20: Directory Functions
Module21: Getting a Directory Listing
Module22: Creating a Dreamweaver site
Module23: Site creation - basic
Module24: Site creation Ė advanced
Module25: Database connections
Module26: Knowledge Resources?

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Training Plan

Php & My SQL Training Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend (Sat & Sun)
Duration 40 - 45 Days 8 Weekends
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day
Php & My SQL Exam In the last of the Course In the Last of the course


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