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Digital Marketing Summer Internship Training in Delhi, Noida

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Digital Marketing Summer Internship Training Program 2024

Learn essential digital marketing and Internet marketing strategies with professional training programs from Cryptus Cyber Security in India. Learn about digital products' and business branding, Online reputation management, Paid ads digital marketing management tools and more to advance your career as an expert digital marketer.

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April 30th, 2024


Digital Marketing

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30 Hours Online



Summer Internship Training in Digital Marketing 2024

CRYPTUS CYBER SECURITY Internet, Online, Digital Marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital Web channels such as search engines( Google, Bing, Yahoo, and much more), websites, social media platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more), Video sharing platform, email, and mobile apps. In short, it is referred to all forms of Internet marketing efforts. Marketing has always been about connecting with the audience at the right time and your target business place. In the world we are living in today, it means that you need to meet them where they already are web.

Cryptus Cyber Security's Advanced Digital Marketing Summer Internship training program helps you master core digital web domains like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization, Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Marketing, Web Analytics, and traffic tracking, and copywriting. In addition to the more core modules in this Digital Marketing training course created by Cryptus, we offer live project-based training on Google ads, Google Analytics and webmaster, Bing Analytics and webmaster Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube unpaid and paid marketing.

You will learn in Digital Marketing Internships

Digital Marketing Foundation

Our Internet and Digital marketing internship training provide you with an introductory overview of the core skills needed to succeed in a Digital Marketing expert role.


Search Engine Optimization-(SEO)

Detailed and structured Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) modules teach you the elements of search engine optimization planning, content creation, and measurement.


Social Media Optimization-(SMO)

Become a Social Media Optimization & marketing expert with this entirely updated specialist training, covering top social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,YouTube.


SEM, SMM, and PPC Marketing

With this Googleads, social media ads aligned course, you can master the science and art behind paid campaigns both search engine and social media platform for your company.


What do you get

Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital and Internet marketing strategy is essential to take advantage of the growing opportunities from digital marketing

Tracking Your Website's Traffic

Track your business or brands all types of website traffic from the digital market intelligence platform and compare your business growth.

Goals and Conversion Rate optimization

CRO (Conversion rate optimization) is an important part of digital and Internet marketing strategies. It’s a Digital marketing strategy, created with the purpose of maximizing business revenue and quality user experience. Track, analyze and optimize your website.

Online Reputation Management

In this digital era, consumers are searching online to learn about you and your services before deciding to work with you. Just as positive brands or services reputation can earn you more customers, a negative online reputation can deter them from purchasing your brands, services or products.

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