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Incident Detection & Response Services

We will improve your detection Techniques and incident response Plan—or let us make secure your whole thing for you.

As a security geek, you’re charged with making attackers plans as drab as possible. While constantly reducing your security surface is a surefire way to get them sway their paw.
We understand the challenges security teams managing every sides of the breach. And we’re here to help to recover it. Cryptus detection and response services will help you keep a eye on your networks activities and ensure you have the correct plan to respond when someone gets into your network.

Cryptus emergency response services delivers remote and on-site service of investigation to reduce the impact of an incident and recovering the machine in original shape on your organization.

Assess your survive ability to respond to security incidents and provide security patches to shrink the time between incident detection and resolution, finally reducing the probability and severity of future incidents.
When a all inclusive incident response program is put together with Cryptus global Incident Response Retainers, your team will be sure to ready to act quickly and with confidence when an incident occurs.


  • Get quick access to incident response skilled security analyst when you feel a data breach or Cyber Attack. We rapidly investigate and evaluate the scope and nature of the incident, and place our IR team on authorization and remediation process.
  • Check the scope of a Cyber Attack and prevention of attackers from achieving their attacking goal with prompt, decisive Incident responsive services.
  • Protect forensic data for investigations, law enforcement and pursuit.
  • Tap our experts working across the globe verticals and our knowledge of various Technical fields and administrative compliance requirements.
  • Take Advantage of our proven processes and specialized experts in different technologies to accelerate incident response, forensic investigation and patching process.
  • Approach our broad network of cyber intelligence for insights on planned attacks, and attacker techniques.
  • Work with a faithful incident response team that repeatedly validated its capabilities in the most demanding business arena. We’ve helped hundreds of Business across the public and private sectors respond to and recover rapidly from data breaches and other cyber Threats.



    This framework mentor our forensic analysis and ensures the incident response plan cover data from various sources, covering in-house systems, open source plans and many cyber threat intelligence feeds.

    Our incident response team uses Our own tools, files and libraries to detect unauthorized access and processes running on the target machine.

    We charge basic and advanced analysis to build security techniques for blocking malware, which develop organizations resilience against further interference.

    Packet and log data compiled by our Logs & Packets helps us in detection of suspicious threats that classical, signature-based cybersecurity systems.

    Our IR team conducts extensive research into cybercriminals attack infrastructure, tools and techniques, and monitors cyber threat intelligence feeds from a range of sources including the government and industry ISACs (Information Sharing and Analysis Centers).

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