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Scanning & Analysis

We dip into your Servers, Websites, Networks and other Digital Assets to reckon the vulnerabilities versus the threats present in the Cyber Eco System beyond the globe. Our experience tells us that on most occasions, the digital assets of a company have been inaudibly contravene i.e. in fleeting it has been hacked; precious data stolen / compromised / copied / corrupted and the organization has no coupling.
CRYPTUS Scanning is not bassinet to the application of stereotypical, off the reef scanning yield. Besides the avail of an array of industrially recognized scanning tools, CRYPTUS Protection enmesh beneath analysis of the digital DNA of your web, study of the source codes and contextualizing it adjacent the contemporary and advanced malwares and exploits. The evidence that CRYPTUS is one of the largest repository of private exploits, convey us the cutting edge advantage to protect your web space.

Identification of Vulnerability

No organisation in today's world can remain cocooned in false comfort that its cyber sources are safe. Leading companies like Yahoo, CITI Group, IBM, HP etc have been compromised. Over 90% of our scans throw up vulnerabilities which with some corrective diligence can secure your businesses. We pin point the vulnerabilities - both on the server side and on the code side. CRYPTUS the most contemporary and updated library of private exploits and the remedial patches. This gives us the cutting edge to identify not only the present vulnerabilities but also predict and patch the advanced threats to your Digital DNA by initiating our Preventive Protocol.

Actionable Reporting

The identification and analysis of vulnerabilities is quickly translated into a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Report. CRYPTUS VAPT Reports, as our name, are CRYPTUS, pragmatic and provide definitive prescriptions to the client team. The VAPT Reports clearly answer

  • What are the loopholes in your existing binary codes and web servers?
  • What are the possible routes a hacker can break into your web space?
  • Weather your web space has already been breached and compromized?

We Approach

With the answers provided by VAPT in hand, we can now proceed to patching these vulnerabilities and fortifying your digital assets against future incursions. The options before us are

  • Our IT Team patches the reported vulnerabilities on its own and if required, we validate it.
  • CRYPTUS provides training and partnering services to your IT Team for the present patching needs and for future capacity building.
  • The CRYPTUS Security Experts re-write the error prone segments of your web space and suppliment the security features there by providing additional immunity to your digital resources.

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