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WHAT IS Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) AND HOW DOES IT WORK?

Cryptus offers the greatest VAPT Audit and penetration testing services. As our facility in this field has expanded, we have retained our position at the top of the penetration testing sector in the virtual environment. We now accompany this capability with a team of IT security professionals and experts with a good understanding of network infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies. The Cryptus Penetration Testing service and VAPT Auditing Services are dedicated to breaching your system's security in order to determine your level of security vigilance. This lets you gain a hacker's perspective on your system and enables you to detect security vulnerabilities that could be targeted by a black hat intruder for illicit purposes.

Throughout this phase, we incorporate both human and automated testing, particularly Web Penetration Testing using software for pen testing, to ensure that your sensitive data is fully safeguarded and that conformity standards are followed.

At Cryptus, we employ frequently updated penetration testing instruments and processes that account for all identified risks and attacks. This implies that after our testing and certification of your system, it can be utilized with the total assurance that it is completely safe.

These evaluations are also valuable for assessing the effectiveness of defensive systems and end-user compliance to security principles.

Vapt Audit Services OFFERED INCLUDE


Penetration testing by Cryptus provides a broad overview of the IT security domain. Every physical and logical section of the network can be tested from a number of nodes. Manual testing by our skilled security analyst is managed by the use of automated scanners and programs against the operation. Follow the steps below:

We have developed a large number of penetration tests around the world. You may relax knowing that your assets are in good hands.


Based on project requirements, Penetration Testing is undertaken from a "Black, White, or Grey Box" perspective. In each method, we guarantee the protection of your data.

Penetration testing can be conducted remotely to simulate an exploit over the internet, or internally by a user with physical network connectivity.

We are one of the first and most well-established penetration testing organizations, and we have continuously delivered high-quality work to clients worldwide. Among our enduring clients are worldwide industry executives in banking, financial sectors, communications, technology, dotcoms, oil & gas, and numerous government agencies.

WHO NEEDS VAPT Audit and Assessment?

To conduct business online, penetration testing is a standard necessity for any e-business customer, particularly firms that conduct financial transactions or store sensitive data on their servers that must comply with data security regulations. Utilizing the Internet's advantages, businesses work to provide the secrecy and authenticity that their operations demand.



Threat Report - This is a comprehensive report after testing has been completed. The study will highlight system vulnerabilities that influence the organization's information resources' accessibility, dependability, and authenticity. In addition, it will provide the appropriate countermeasures for each identified threat. This report will include the subsequent:

  1. 1. Classification of vulnerabilities according to danger level
  2. 2. Detailed explanation of identified security flaws
  3. 3. Safety Patch for revealed vulnerabilities that must be applied urgently

Manager's Report It is having high level detailed description of the identified vulnerabilities, logical business impact of each vulnerability, potential financially impact along with the criticality of the identified gap. It also gives a suggested priority for the patch work which will help in growing of business digitally more secure.- It contains a high-level, thorough explanation of the discovered vulnerabilities, the practical business consequence of each weakness, and the possible financial implications, as well as the importance of the identified gap. It also suggests a goal for patchwork, which will aid in the electronically protected expansion of business.


Cryptus use a wide range of equipment and attacks to conduct penetration testing. Every test is conducted by skilled security testers, and the outcomes are manually validated before being delivered to you. Consequently, you obtain a thorough and reliable understanding of your security aspect and may take quick action to close any discovered vulnerabilities.

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