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Summer Internship Training

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Ethical Hacking Course, Information Security Training and Services !

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CRYPTUS CYBER SECURITY is an Cyber Security Training and penetration testing Company in New Delhi, India. We have been delivering advance it security training and services with upgraded technology contents to IT Professionals. Our goal is to sustain performance level producing sterling results. We Stands Up to our commitments which are comiitted by Our Team.

CRYPTUS CYBER SECURITY is known IT Company supporting Advanced IT Security Training, Android Development, Website Development, Programming Languages, Manpower Outsourcing and Recruitment. We are working since 5 years in this arena. Cryptus has successfully spread its wings and vision for IT education and Training trends in PAN India.

Penetration Testing

Web App Testing

Cryptus’s web Application Testing covers Web Applications and web server security testing service.

Network Security Testing

Cryptus’s Network Testing examines the security stance and procedures around network infrastructure.


Through this type of testing, Cryptus can evaluate end users’ susceptibility to conduct attacker requested actions.

Mobile App Testing

Cryptus's Mobile Application Testing covers Mobile Applications included Android and iOS Penetration Testing

Ethical Hacking & Cyber Forensic

This is the Ethical Hacking & Information Security Training program. This Training provides you Penetration Testing in the various field of cyber world. In the Training we teach to students how Ethical Hacker breaks the computer security, Mobile security, Network Security, web Application Security for making them secure from Hackers. By doing this they can create their own security rules between their data and Hackers. This Training provides Hacking skills as well defence techniques, Because in the cyber world, organisations need IT security. And we must learn Hacking Techniques before make secure the cyber world. We teach students more practical sessions than theory part.

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Summer Internship Training

In this Summer season join Our Summer Internships training program. We provide you 45 days of dedicated IT Security Training for one complete month. After The Training you will be able to secure yourself and others from any Hacking Activity and Cyber Attacks online. We have a full Dedicated Training program of cyber security which will enhance you from a newbie to a security expert, This will be a part of Ethical Hacking Training that you will come to know, How to connect to a Wi-Fi network to how hackers hack wireless devices,

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Penetration Testing Training

Penetration Testing course designed for IT Security Professionals and Network security ity professionals, who want to enhance their skills into the world of professional Penetration Testing. This Advanced Penetration Testing course provides students to the latest Ethical Hacking tools and techniques, including Network Vulnerabilities, Web Application Testing, Mobile Penetration Testing, Report making, Virtual Penetration Testing for practicing the course materials.

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