Want to Setup Your Career in Cybersecurity?

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To havecareer in cyber security you need to have a Technology & IT background with your bachelors degree and also have the basic knowledge of the latest trends in the market like latest Vulnerability, Bounties, Tools, Owasp Top 10 etc. Moving further in learning ethical hacking you need to have some basic networking skills, hands on linux (or OS of your choice), computer skills after all this comes improving your skill set with the help of platforms like HackTheBox, PortSwigger, TryHackMe, OverTheWire, etc.

Discussing the role of each hacking platform has it’s each role in learning and testing skills which we will be discussing now –

1. OverTheWire

We first suggest to go with OverTheWire bandits to master linux skills & it also has many other things of which OverTheWire has given it own playing order to not get confused and learn in a manner which is –

  • Bandits
  • Leviathan or Natas or Krypton
  • Narnia
  • Behemoth
  • Utumno
  • Maze


2. HackTheBox

HackTheBox is a specialized environment for the ones who are in eager to improve or test their skills on daily basis. People interested in Learning Penetration Testing/Hacking come their to solve machines from level easy to brain f*ck, yes it is a level and you can measure the level of stress by name of the level. HackTheBox will play a major role at the time of job placement, do upgrade your CV by solving machines if you want a better job.


3. PortSwigger

Portswigger is a very impressive place to test your hacking skills by solving machines with all the vulnerabilities in each machine. You’ll get machines with vulnerabilities like SQLi, CSRF, Clickjacking, HTML Injection, XSS, XXE & many more. So if you really want to be a hacker start gaining knowledge of the things mentioned in blog introduction paragraph, and start testing your skills & also remember that no platform will make you a better hacker that your own research and development.

4. TryHackMe

TryHackMe is another cyber security platform with real world labs and other hacking practices. The answer of how to improve hacking skills is here. There are also many other hacking platforms topractice|learn|develope your hacking skills but for the beginning you only need to go through basics mentioned above in introduction para.


If you have a problem of your age or time then you can go with an Ethical Hacking Course (CCEH). Your own R&D will take time more than expected because it is a more vast field than you think its. Overview of Cyber Security seems just Ethical Hacking but in Ethical Hacking except some basic skills every domain like Forensic, Pen-Tester, Network Analyst, Information Security Manager etc, has it’sown tasks & it is also tough after some time to choose a path in Cyber Security. Suppose, your interest goes in Penetration Tester but after sometime due to stress your mind will distract you towards something else which you may find more interesting than Pen-Testing but, things here don’t go this way. You need to choose a path and give it all you have your time & hardwork.

Still having a problem in choosing a Job title in field of Cyber Security, DM us at info@cryptus.in and we can also suggest you a course according to your interest. Only DM if you ready to do some hardwork because our professionals would love to clear your hardest doubt and improve your knowledge.


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