Use of Artificial Intelligence and Will it take over Cyber Security professionals?


Before starting off with the big questions , let us try to define both Artificial Intelligence or Cyber Security in simplistic terms.

Artificial Intelligence , to put it in layman’s terms it is a smart-superhuman in the world of computers. It is a simulation of human intelligence in machines which smartly prioritises the important tasks based on PERCEPTION and LEARNING.

Cyber Security is the practice and skill of securing and defending any malicious attacks against any computer system , network or any other program which is connected to the internet.

Answering the big question in neutral terms , A.I. in Cyber Security is not a question of YES or a NO , more importantly it is a question of WHEN and WHERE?  A.I. and CyberSecurity could go hand in hand explicitly associating each other helping security researchers  to create  better standards for more prudent mitigation of cyber threats and detection of anomalous behaviour of certain incidents and also new malwares so that a secure cyberspace can be promoted. 

Data security is now more vital than ever. Updating existing cybersecurity solutions and enforcing every possible applicable security layer doesn’t ensure that your data is breach-proof. But, having a strong support of advanced technologies will ease the task of security professionals.


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Will A.I. take over Cyber Security professionals in Future?

The answer to this is a big NO , although A.I. can ease up the task of Cyber Security Researchers by reducing manual testing and detection work loads.

Every second approximately trillions of data pass through the internet so it would be a mere impossibility for anyone to go through all that and look for malicious  but the truth is A ONE SIDED DICTATORSHIP will never be established as both have their pros and cons . However , what can be done is that both can be effectively established in correlation to each other for more pleasing results.

Consider this , being Human Beings , we can wash our clothes either manually using our hands or we could instead let our Washing Machines do the same.

However, Washing Machines cannot induce us to wear those washed clothes because it would solely be dependent on our DISCRETION. From the viewpoint of the Washing Machine , it would only do the tasks up to its capability and requirements of the user, as feeded by him into its system. (Washing Machine).

Similarly it is for A.I. and Cyber Security as well. Being fully dependent on either would only create much more complexities for Cyber Safety. A.I. can have bugs related to program biasness , exploitation , false data leading etc

Whereas Skill-Based and Decision-Based Errors come into the limelight when being fully dependent on the latter.

The Good Side of using Artificial Intelligence alongside Cyber Security Professionals.

  1. Better Analysis and detection of origin of the cyber attack can be done by A.I. by scanning the data on the internet.
  2. The next-generation firewalls will have in-built machine learning technology that could find a pattern in network packets and block them automatically if flagged as a threat.
  3. No zero-day vulnerabilities.
  4. Analyzes mobile endpoints for cyber threats.


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