A recent data breach in Okta’s customer support affected 134 customers.

The identity and authentication management company Okta revealed on Friday that 134 of its 18,400 clients were impacted by the most recent compromise of the support case management system. It also mentioned... Read more »

Maximum CVSS Score for Critical libwebp Vulnerability in Active Exploitation

An important security hole in the libwebp image library, which is used to render images in the WebP format, has been given a new CVE number by Google and is currently being... Read more »

Microsoft Issues a Cyber Attack Warning Regarding Attempts to Hack Cloud

Microsoft has described a recent campaign in which hackers made an unsuccessful attempt to use a SQL Server server as a lateral move to a cloud environment. According to a report released... Read more »

Have Organizations Changed Their Security Posture in Light of API Security Trends 2023?

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Encryption V/s Decryption

The fundamental concepts of encryption and decryption are included in cryptography, the science of protecting communication and data.   Encryption Regarding encryption: Encryption is the process of transforming data into a secret... Read more »

Nmap : Let’s begin scanning with Network Mapper

The free and open source software Nmap, which stands for Network Mapper, is used for port scanning, vulnerability research, and, obviously, network mapping. Nmap was created in 1997, yet it is still... Read more »

Numbers Don’t Lie: The Shocking Truths of Cyberattacks

How frequently do cyberattacks occur? How often do threat actors target organizations and governments globally?   Analyzing Real-World Cyberattacks BlackBerry threat experts examined the flurry of malware-based attacks from December 2022 to... Read more »

Chaes Malware’s New Python Variant Targets Financial and Logistics Sectors

An upgraded version of malware known as Chaes is attacking the banking and logistics sectors.   In a recent thorough technical write-up published with The Hacker News, Morphisec noted, “It has undergone... Read more »

All the Information about AI Security You Always Wanted to Know but were Afraid to Ask

Despite all the recent AI hype, robots are not going to take our jobs. There has been a lot of AI hype in recent years, ranging from fantasies of self-driving automobiles to... Read more »

Honda’s E-Commerce Platform’s Password Reset Bug Puts Dealer Data at Risk

As e-commerce organizations grow more multichannel, they construct and deploy an increasing number of API interfaces, and threat actors continually look for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, cyberattacks against e-commerce applications are... Read more »