All the Information about AI Security You Always Wanted to Know but were Afraid to Ask

Despite all the recent AI hype, robots are not going to take our jobs. There has been a lot of AI hype in recent years, ranging from fantasies of self-driving automobiles to... Read more »

Zulip Chat App Used For Covert C&C In Phishing Attacks By Russian Hackers

Russian threat actors are allegedly involved in a campaign that diplomatic targets the foreign affairs ministries of NATO member nations.   Duke Virus The virus known as Duke, which has been linked... Read more »

Nearly 2,000 Citrix NetScaler instances were compromised due to a critical vulnerability.

In July 2023, a critical vulnerability (CVE-2023-3519) in Citrix NetScaler appliances was exploited by a threat actor to infect roughly 2,000 instances with a backdoor. The vulnerability was disclosed as a zero-day... Read more »

Generative AI is Beneficial for Cybersecurity When Used Effectively

The capability of generative AI to detect abnormalities is one of its most significant advantages for cybersecurity. Finding events or patterns that differ from the norm is the process of anomaly detection.... Read more »

Use of Artificial Intelligence and Will it take over Cyber Security professionals?

Introduction Before starting off with the big questions , let us try to define both Artificial Intelligence or Cyber Security in simplistic terms. Artificial Intelligence , to put it in layman’s terms... Read more »