Thousands of devices were infected with a malicious Lua backdoor thanks to a Cisco Zero-Day exploit.

” Cisco has alerted users to a fresh zero-day vulnerability in IOS XE that has been actively used by an unidentified threat actor to install a  malicious Lua-based implant on vulnerable gadgets.... Read more »

34 Cyber criminals Captured in Spain for Multi-Million Dollar Online Tricks

Spanish law authorization authorities have reported the capture of 34 individuals of a criminal bunch that carried out different online tricks, netting the pack around €3 million ($3.2 million) in unlawful profits.... Read more »

Iran-Linked OilRig Targets Center East Governments in 8-Month Cyber Campaign

The Iran-linked OilRig risk performing artist focused on an anonymous Center East government between February and September 2023 as portion of an eight-month-long campaign. The assault driven to the burglary of records... Read more »

Microsoft Cautions of North Korean Assaults Misusing JetBrains TeamCity Flaw

North Korean danger on-screen characters are effectively misusing a basic security imperfection in JetBrains TeamCity to astutely breach helpless servers, agreeing to Microsoft. The assaults, which involve the misuse of CVE-2023-42793 (CVSS... Read more »

Qubitstrike Launches a Rootkit and Crypto Mining Campaign Against Jupyter Notebooks

A threat actor, presumably from Tunisia, has been linked to a new campaign targeting exposed Jupyter Notebooks in a two-fold attempt to illicitly mine cryptocurrency and breach cloud environments. Dubbed Qubitstrike by Cado, the... Read more »

A New Digital Security Challenge: Investigating the World of Malicious Generative AI

The emergence of harmful Generative AI, like FraudGPT and WormGPT, has recently presented the cybersecurity landscape with a frightening new reality. These malicious creations, which are hidden away on the internet, represent... Read more »

‘EtherHiding’ Malware Campaign Exploits Binance’s Smart Chain

Threat actors have been seen using Binance’s Smart Chain (BSC) contracts to deliver malicious code in what has been called the “next level of bulletproof hosting.” Guardio Labs has given the campaign,... Read more »

Researchers Release ToddyCat’s Latest Set of Data Exfiltration Tools

ToddyCat, an advanced persistent threat (APT) actor, has been connected to a fresh batch of malicious tools intended for data exfiltration, providing more information about the strategies and toolset of the hacking... Read more »

.NET developers are the target of a malicious NuGet package with SeroXen RAT.

It has been discovered that a malicious package housed on the NuGet package manager for the.NET Framework distributes a remote access trojan known as SeroXen RAT. The package was created by a... Read more »

ShellBot Attacks Linux SSH Servers Using Hex IPs to Avoid Being Discovered

When attacking poorly maintained Linux SSH servers, the threat actors behind ShellBot use IP addresses that have been converted into its hexadecimal notation. “The overall pattern remains same, except the file downloading... Read more »