New Wireshark 3.0 version Released: With IP Map Feature

Introduction: Wireshark is the world’s foremost and widely used Network Protocol Analyzer by Ethical Hackers, Network Administrators, and Cyber Security Professionals. Wireshark is a very easy tool to handle, it sniffs all... Read more »

How prepared are Indian businesses to face cyber fraud.

How prepared are Indian businesses to face cyber fraud. Due to rise of Internet and rise of e-commerce most of the Indian businesses shift towards online marketing to earn more profit. But... Read more »

How to secure your WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most popular blogging and CMS system, which makes it a favorite target for Hackers. Having a WordPress site means that you have to make some extra effort in order... Read more »

Cloud Security is on High Alert: Cryptomining Malware

Cloud Security products are being uninstalled through Cryptomining Malware which yet never before seen function on Cloud Platform Researchers say they have discovered a unique malware family capable of gaining ADMIN RIGHTS... Read more »
search engine for hackers

Search Engine for Hackers in 2019: Except Google

Well everyone knows about Google Search Engine it covers 90% of the marketin search engines. It provides seamless resultsand best users experience, due to itsbest Search Algorithm with Artificial Intelligence integration to... Read more »

Most Popular Linux Distro for Penetration Testing

Introduction As a Security Professional, Researcher, Specialist or Pentester, one of the most important things is to have a collection of Tools that can help you in performing time-taking and tedious task... Read more »
jw marriott hacked

JW Marriott Hotel Internal servers Hacked

Marriott hack update: Hotel now admits hackers got passport numbers The Marriott hotel chain, the world’s largest hotel company, said fewer affected in the mass data breach than initially feared. Marriott International... Read more »
cbi wants to track social media photos


The CBI has issued a notice to social media platforms, calling them to use an intrusive photo-tracking technology called PhotoDNA.The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) wants the firms to use this tech... Read more »

How Facebook Search Results Works

Facebook says it wants to be more transparent about what’s happening when users search for content on Facebook. Facebook crammed as much information as it could into its less than 2-minute video.... Read more »

How to use WhatsApp for Digital Transaction

WhatsApp Payments is in beta stage currently working Indian users to send and receive digital transaction through WhatsApp. Take a look at how to send and receive money simple with WhatsApp Payments.... Read more »