Microsoft Word Decoys Used to Spread Malware Based on Nim

Decoy Word (MS Word) documents are being used as bait by a new malware infection that provides a backdoor that’s written in the Nim programming language. Researchers at Netskope Ghanashyam Satpathy while... Read more »

Bug or Feature? Hidden Web Application Vulnerabilities Uncovered

Numerous security measures make up web application security, which makes sure that a web application: operates as anticipated. cannot be used to conduct out-of-bounds operations. cannot start processes that it isn’t meant... Read more »

Qualcomm Discloses Information About Chip Vulnerabilities Used in Sophisticated Attacks

More details regarding three high-severity security vulnerabilities that the chipmaker Qualcomm claimed fell under the category of “limited, targeted exploitation” in October 2023 have been made public. The vulnerabilities are as follows – CVE-2023-33063 (CVSS... Read more »

CISA and FBI Issue Alert Regarding Double Extortion Attacks Using Rhysida Ransomware

“Observed in the ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) model, Rhysida actors have hacked entities in education, production, both of information technology, and governments, and any ransom paid is split across the group and affiliates,” the... Read more »

Unidentified Kill Switch Stops Mozi IoT Botnet Activities

  The Mozi botnet’s unanticipated August 2023 decline in malicious activity was caused by a kill switch that was given to the bots. “First, the drop manifested in India on August 8,”... Read more »

A recent data breach in Okta’s customer support affected 134 customers.

The identity and authentication management company Okta revealed on Friday that 134 of its 18,400 clients were impacted by the most recent compromise of the support case management system. It also mentioned... Read more »

Malicious NuGet Packages Found Spreading SeroXen Remote Access Trojan

Researchers studying cybersecurity have discovered a fresh batch of malicious packages that were uploaded to the NuGet package manager via a little-known malware distribution technique. The campaign has been coordinated and ongoing... Read more »

Meta Dispatches Paid Ad-Free Membership in Europe to Fulfill Security Laws

Meta on Monday reported plans to offer an ad-free choice to get to Facebook and Instagram for clients within the European Union (EU), European Financial Range (EEA), and Switzerland to comply with... Read more »

How to Keep Your Business Running in a Challenged Environment

When organizations begin joining cybersecurity controls and cyber occurrence detailing necessities into their security conventions, it’s fundamental for them to set up comprehensive plans for planning, moderation, and reaction to potential threats.... Read more »

F5 Issues Caution: BIG-IP Vulnerability Permits Remote Code Execution

Customers have been notified by F5 of a serious security flaw in BIG-IP that could lead to unauthorised remote code execution. The configuration utility component is the source of the problem, which... Read more »