How to Remove Malware from WordPress Hacked Website

In Digital time WordPress has become the most used tools worldwide when creating a website and web pages to the large number of theme and templates and users friendly plugins that it provides, which allow practically anything to be done.

But the success of WordPress has also brought about the vulnerabilities of the code enable the attackers or hackers to infect WordPress site with malware.

Wordpress Website

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Look an example.

If your WordPress site is infected with malicious redirects, check the following areas for suspicious code:

Core WordPress Files



.htaccess file

theme files

header.php (in the themes folder)

footer.php (in the themes folder)

functions.php (in the themes folder)

Few instances of malicious code presence which resulted in randomly redirect visitors to malicious sites on hacked WordPress websites.

Steps to be taken before fixing the hack-

  • Ensure your website is temporarily put offline.
  • Take a backup before making any changes in your live website.
  • Consult a professional to deal with the issue if you don’t know any programming language.

Follow Steps to remove the malicious code from your WordPress Site.

Scan Your WordPress Site – Run a website scan using a WordPress Malware Scanner. Take a backup before WordPress Malware Scanner.

Find the Malicious Code

There are many places where you can locate the hackers code on your site. There are times when the culprit can be enclosed somewhere in your web server, and for few places, you’ll need FTP/ftps login details to get access to these places to start the malware scanning process.

In case, the site is redirecting to another website then look for the suspicious code in the following areas:

check both index.php and index.html!

.htaccess file

In case your site is triggering visitors for downloads, please have a look at out the following places:



Your website’s index file (Check both)

Your theme’s files

Submit Malware reconsideration request using Google and Bing Search console

Google Search Console and bing webmaster tool is one of the best tools for webmaster which you can get for free, and if you have not yet submitted your Website in GWT, you are missing out much vital information regarding your website. If you are interested know more about Google search console and bing webmaster then learn here.


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