Hackers Expect Vulnerability in Small and Medium Businesses

Most Cyber attacker expects small business sites to be full of vulnerable and therefore easy to exploit and get access. This is because they assume that small business owners are lazy or at least afraid when it comes to investing in Web security.

The bad thing is that often they are right. Businesses more and more are targets because of their lack of risk-awareness. A survey showed that small and medium-sized businesses in the USA cut spending on security by 20 percent in 2014. This was reflected in a 64 percent increase in SME compromises between 2013 and 2104.

The Thought that your business still looks small or medium, and cannot be targeted by Attacker might have been true a few years ago, but not anymore.

Business size doesn’t matter to Attackers or Hackers.

Hackers or attackers are interested in web data, period. So, if your business can offer them any kind of quality data they need, you already have a pretty visible bulls-eye painted on your back.

It is not the Business size matters; it is the quality of the data. If your business has lots of customer contact info, credit card data, health data or valuable intellectual property, you may need to re-evaluate your stance on web security.

You may think you cannot afford the cost of web security, but you surely will struggle more, considering the negative impact of web crime.

You may be opening back door to many company’s data.

Lots of hackers are not interested in your worth your data. Many times, what they’re interested in is whom your business.

If you have any sensible contact data with bigger companies that may present juicier info and prospects. You should need to invest heavily in web security for that reason alone. The reason is that your non-secure network can unlock access to a bigger company’s important data and the object of that compromise could be huge. Your non-secure network can unlock access to a bigger company’s important data and the object of that compromise could be huge.

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