Hackers Attack Targets Italian Certified Email Accounts

Cyber Attacker gained access to the huge number of Italian certified email accounts including those of cybersecurity officials and judge, in the cyber attack this month a senior official said.

Certified emails account assurance the validity of a sender’s identity, as well as the date and time of sending and receiving the email, giving them a clear legal status.

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This Cyber Attack was the worst attack we have had since January this year and it has had important repercussions. The situation is under control,” said Roberto Baldoni, who is in charge of state cyber security.

The attacker could have accessed huge data from 400, 0000 to 500,000 certified email accounts including those of some 9,000 magistrates as well as members of a top inter-governmental security firm.

It was not clear if the accounts of any ministers, spy chiefs or military bigwigs had been breached.

It was not clear if the email accounts of Army, spy chiefs of any ministers had been breached.

“The only thing we know for sure is that this Cyber attack was not launched from Italy,” Baldoni told a news conference.

As a result of the cyber assault, the IT system used by Italy’s appeals courts was suspended and Baldoni urged Italians with certified email accounts to change their passwords immediately.

“It was a very serious Cyberattack, even if, at first sight, it didn’t seem too refined from a technical perspective,” Baldoni said.

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