Zoom Secure Network?

Explore Easy Ways to Secure Your Zoom Meeting

Zoom is the best in modern enterprise video, calling communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, collaboration, and webinars across digital devices, ( Mobile, desktops, telephones,... Read more »

#OpJerusalem 2019 Campaign spreading JCry Ransomware in now infecting Windows users

INTRODUCTION:  Since last 5 years around a new ransomware campaign infected server users around the world as part of the hashtag called #OpJerusalem campaign. It’s updated ransomware which is written in “Go”... Read more »

New Malware found using Google Drive: It is a command-and-control server

Since most security tools also keep an eye on the network traffic to detect malicious IP addresses, attackers are increasingly adopting infrastructure of legitimate services in their attacks to hide their malicious... Read more »

New Wireshark 3.0 version Released: With IP Map Feature

Introduction: Wireshark is the world’s foremost and widely used Network Protocol Analyzer by Ethical Hackers, Network Administrators, and Cyber Security Professionals. Wireshark is a very easy tool to handle, it sniffs all... Read more »
Facebook Account Safe or Not

How to Find that Your Facebook Account Safe or Not

Facebook made a bombshell acknowledgment: As many as 80-90 million of users may have had their so-called access tokens—which keep you logged into your FB account, so you don’t have to sign... Read more »
Cyber Attacks

Hackers Attack Targets Italian Certified Email Accounts

Cyber Attacker gained access to the huge number of Italian certified email accounts including those of cybersecurity officials and judge, in the cyber attack this month a senior official said. Certified emails... Read more »
windows 10 hacking latest vulnerability

Users Need to Patch 63 New Updates in Windows

Users Need to Patch 63 New Updates in Windows Windows Updates Once Again…Its Time to update Windows operating system for Security updates. This month Windows have 63 security vulnerabilities, of which 12... Read more »