cbi wants to track social media photos


The CBI has issued a notice to social media platforms, calling them to use an intrusive photo-tracking technology called PhotoDNA.The CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) wants the firms to use this tech... Read more »

How Facebook Search Results Works

Facebook says it wants to be more transparent about what’s happening when users search for content on Facebook. Facebook crammed as much information as it could into its less than 2-minute video.... Read more »

How to use WhatsApp for Digital Transaction

WhatsApp Payments is in beta stage currently working Indian users to send and receive digital transaction through WhatsApp. Take a look at how to send and receive money simple with WhatsApp Payments.... Read more »

Quora Confirm 100 Million Users Hit by Hackers

Quora is the most popular Q/A website, said Monday evening that hackers broke into one of its systems and hits information from approximately 100 million users. CEO Adam D’Angelo confirms in a... Read more »
Wordpress Website

How to Remove Malware from WordPress Hacked Website

In Digital time WordPress has become the most used tools worldwide when creating a website and web pages to the large number of theme and templates and users friendly plugins that it... Read more »

FB is Changing Chatbot Permissions Subscription Messaging, Effective End of

FB is making few changes to subscription messaging permissions that will affect chatbots. After that Permission to send subscription messages will have to be granted at the Page-level rather than at the... Read more »

Instagram Remove Fake Likes, Comments, and Followers get by Third-Party Applications

These days, the bad guys are a lot more threatening. Hackers steal Important, sensitive data and threaten to release it. For this so many other security reasons, Instagram is taking many steps... Read more »
Cyber secuirty course in Delhi

Hackers Expect Vulnerability in Small and Medium Businesses

Most Cyber attacker expects small business sites to be full of vulnerable and therefore easy to exploit and get access. This is because they assume that small business owners are lazy or... Read more »
Facebook Account Safe or Not

How to Find that Your Facebook Account Safe or Not

Facebook made a bombshell acknowledgment: As many as 80-90 million of users may have had their so-called access tokens—which keep you logged into your FB account, so you don’t have to sign... Read more »
Cyber Attacks

Hackers Attack Targets Italian Certified Email Accounts

Cyber Attacker gained access to the huge number of Italian certified email accounts including those of cybersecurity officials and judge, in the cyber attack this month a senior official said. Certified emails... Read more »