A Comprehensive Guide To Become A Successful White Hat Hacker

Hacking is considered to be an offense but it is ethical, when under a contract between an organization and a hacker. Breaking into the computer system was a practice of the geeks... Read more »

Google says attackers worked with ISPs to deploy Hermit spyware on Android and iOS

Researchers found affected users in Italy and Kazakhstan Google is warning Android and iOS users about a sophisticated spyware that is getting the help from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in attacking its... Read more »

Linux Red Team Exploitation Techniques

In order to follow along with the tools and techniques utilized in this document, you will need to use one of the following offensive Linux distributions: Kali Linux Parrot OS MITRE ATT&CK... Read more »

Red Team Reconnaissance Techniques

Learn how to perform active and passive reconnaissance on targets Prerequisites & Requirements In order to follow along with the tools and techniques utilized in this document, you will need to use... Read more »

Chinese hackers have breached online betting and Gambling Sites

Hacks confirmed at gambling and betting websites in Southeast Asia, rumors of other hacks in Europe and the Middle East. Hackers, reportedly out of China, are targeting operations in the region, and... Read more »

Hello XD ransomware new tactics: drops the backdoor while encrypting

Cybersecurity researchers report increased activity of the Hello XD ransomware, whose operators are now deploying an upgraded sample featuring stronger encryption. First observed in November 2021, the particular family was based on... Read more »

Flubot Android malware operation shutdown by law enforcement

An international law enforcement operation involving 11 countries has culminated in the takedown of a notorious mobile malware threat called FluBot. this Android malware has been spreading aggressively through SMS, stealing passwords, online... Read more »

Ukrainian Power Grid ‘Lucky’ To Withstand Russian Cyber-attack

The Ukrainian government has revealed it narrowly averted a serious cyber-attack on the country’s power grid.  Hackers targeted one of its largest energy companies, trying to shut down substations, which would have... Read more »

New Bluetooth Hack Could Let Attackers Remotely Unlock Smart Locks and Cars

A novel Bluetooth relay attack can let cybercriminals more easily than ever remotely unlock and operate cars, break open residential smart locks, and breach secure areas. The vulnerability has to do with weaknesses in... Read more »

Ukrainian Crook Jailed in US for Selling Thousands of Stolen login Credentials

Touting info on 6,700 compromised systems will get you four years behind bars A Ukrainian man has been sentenced to four years in a US federal prison for selling on a dark-web... Read more »