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At Cryptus, we don't treat making a web site as a single one time assignment, but we provide a lifelong support. A web design is the important first impression of our company for your visitors. It should be new and dynamic at all times.
We provide Website maintenance services are the industry's best as compare to others. Managed by a Experts Web Site Maintenance Team, We keep your website up to date with the latest about your company, brand, products & Services, News, Events, Awards, Locations & Contacts and anything else that might be relevant, geared to generate the maximum returns from your web site.
You don't have to give soo much time to web updated but Cryptus will. We will send you timely reminders to time to time provide us with original content for your web site and our experts will ensure that it looks newly created every time you view it.

Web Maintenance

Our Web Maintenance Service Include

  • Updating of information and photos on the site
  • Maintaining the functionality of the website e.g. making sure the shopping cart continues to function.
  • Adding new links and pages to the site.
  • Ensuring there are no broken links (web pages that are missing) on the site.
  • Advising you on how to use and grow the site effectively.

Terms of Website Maintenance Contract

  • Typically Website Maintenance Contract is for a year or six months.
  • It does not include any major Redesign or Reconstructions of the website
  • Costing is dependent on the size and complexity of the website.

Tips for maintaining site effectively

  • Ensure all the information on the website is up to date.
  • Ensure that there are no links which do not lead to a page (broken links).
  • Ensure that every page of the website is accessible from the menu navigation within a few clicks. Pages which visitors cannot reach are of no use.
  • Ensure that any new happenings in your business or industry find a mention on your site. This shows visitors you are active and well informed.