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Cryptus work with a variety of companies pursuing different press strategies, from SEO support to complete writing, optimization and distribution with besty qualities.

Cryptus provide best PR service. First, Are you already working with a PR agency and using a leading wire service, but want to optimize your press releases for better search engine performance? Or are you just starting a press strategy for your small business?

Cryptus offer flexible arrangements that let you take advantage of assistance where you need it most. Just let us know how Cryptus help you.

SEO Press Release Submission

Cryptus have done the homework for you. The following is a list of the best price/performance points which Cryptus can offer you :

  • Tier 1 - $30: Cryptus check your release and submit it at the lowest practical tier. You get basic distribution plus a limited RSS feed, you show up on basic news searches, and you get statistics to show how it's performing. These are text only, so you do not get embedded anchor text within the page.
  • Tier 2 - $60: This Step gives you a much wider distribution. The visibility at this level is much higher, and statistics show a substantial increase in views of press releases. Additionally you can attach up to 3 MB of files (documents, images, sound clips) and a thumbnail is available where appropriate. The only drawback to this level is that you still don't get to embed anchor text within the text.
  • Tier 3 - $90: Cryptus most popular press release product! This step offers all the benefits of product 2, but also adds the ability to embed anchor text within the release itself, creating automatic links with your chosen keywords in them. This is an excellent way to build backlinks, as well as providing a user friendly method of letting interested readers visit your website with a click. This level also assures that your release has a 5 Star Rating within the PRWeb system!
  • Tier 4 - $120: This step maximizes the traffic and views your release can get. Cryptus have determined that this step gives you the most traffic for the least cost. Paying more than this usually puts you into a series of diminishing returns and we don't normally recommend exceeding this unless you have special needs, such as translation into multiple languages, or personal distribution to certain magazines or journalists, or distribution to specific countries.