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Almost all day millions of people use their smart phones, I phones and tablets to access content on the web, shop, socialize, and play games. Cryptus Cyber Security has developed many sites for mobiles. People get to move on with the new technology as generation change and they have started adapting mobile Website than the original site. If you look at the analytics of your website you would be surprised how many visitors to your site and they searches for your products and services are coming from a mobile device.

Cryptus Cyber Security Team recommend adaptive website layout to those customers who want their website content to display correctly and uniformly on a variety of devices, platforms, and screen sizes. Mobilizing your website can bring you an optimized view of your site. So, you can read from anywhere & anytime either then being depended on your PC. Cryptus Team have the experience and knowledge to advise you about the right information, contextual location awareness and features to include within your mobile site to maximise the viewers experience and your response.

Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web Development:

Smart phones comes in various operating systems like Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, Bada, Blackberry, etc. and each have their own peculiarity. A mobile website should be designed to be able to compatible across platforms. For websites that require a lot of user interaction and more tailored mobile functionality, Cryptus recommend building a dedicated mobile website.
If you expect your users to buy products, access profiles, fill in detailed forms, or interact with other users through your mobile website, then building a dedicated mobile version is the right solution for you. In the beginning of the 21st century having a web page had become a must for all business houses. However, as we move through the second decade, a mobile website presence has also become equally important. A mobile website in simple words is a scaled down version of your main website

Mobile Websites Design gives you the following advantages

  • Mobile Websites are intuitively designed for a user friendly experience
  • Its great way to reach to your customers, already searching for your products
  • The number of Mobile visitors are increasing with each coming day